Prosecco Brut Doc Casa Gheller NV

Prosecco Brut Doc Casa Gheller NV

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As you sit down at your table in the restaurant, a bottle of Prosecco awaits you and your birthday guest in a beautiful bucket of ice, chilled to the perfect temperature, with the coolness radiating off of it.

As our server approaches your table, they explain that the bottle of Prosecco was a surprise birthday gift,  with that our server expertly opens the bottle with a satisfying pop, it is aromatic and elegant, with delicate scents of green apple and freshly baked bread. You watch as the server pours the sparkling wine into your glasses, and you marvel at the way the bubbles dance and sparkle in the light. The scene is set!

Raise your glass in a toast to your Birthday guest, savoring the crisp and refreshing taste of the Prosecco as you take a sip. The bubbles tickle your nose, and you feel a sense of joy and celebration fill the room. It's the perfect start to a wonderful evening at Baci.

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