Fumi Party Set for 12-14 people | Takeaway

Fumi Party Set for 12-14 people | Takeaway

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- Miyazaki Pork Salad with Sesame Sauce

- Soft-Shell Crab Salad with homemade light spicy sauce

- Edamame

- Grilled Japanese Chicken Skin Dumplings (8pcs)

- Fumi Fried Chicken (8pcs)


- 6 Kinds of Sushi Roll (8pcs of each):

Avocado Soft-Shell Crab Roll

California Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll

Seared Foie Gras with Scallop Roll

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Assorted Sashimi Roll


- 5 Kinds of Sashimi (12pcs of each):


Young Yellowtail

Sweet Shrimp

Sea Beam

Hokkaido Scallop


- Grilled Silver Cod with Saikyo Miso Sauce

- Braised Miyazaki's Marumi Pork Belly with Poached Egg

- Grilled Miyazaki Bulgur Sausage (36pcs)


- Scrambled Egg and Miyazaki Chicken Thigh on Rice

- Chopped Toro and Japanese Leek on Sushi Rice

- Grilled Eel with Sweet Soy Sauce on Rice

- Pan Fried Angus Beef on Rice


- Warabi Mochi (24pcs)


*1 day advance order only